Tempo Tea Infuser Flask

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Tempo Tea Infuser

Get your brew on the go with your very own Tempo Tea Infuser!
With a sleek minimal modern design, you can enjoy Tempo wherever you go! 

For the Tempo tea enthusiast, do it yourself by infusing your very own teas. Perfect for even at amateur level if you fancy experimenting!

Infusing your own tea and fruits is a quick way to create your very own unique drinks and this infuser gives you a simple way to do it. You can easily combine your own loose tea leaves, herbal tea bags or fruit infusion recipes. 

It’s perfect for those on the go, or for at the office, get refreshed while you work out at the gym or on the go in the car. It can even double up as travel mug or flask. 

The durable glass infusion bottle holds up to 450ml amount, and is made from high quality borosilicate double glass. This is toughened glass that keeps your drinks warm even if the weather changes suddenly. It also comes with a black coloured fabric sleeve for extra protection. It also features a stainless steel infusion basket which holds your fruit or tea blend and stops any leaves or bits getting into your drink! With bamboo friendly lid engraved with Tempo logo. 

Designed in Scotland and made with love in China. 

Flask Dimensions
Height: 26cm
Width: 6.9cm
Size: 500ml 
Weight: 535g