Asian Snack Box

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A box filled with all your favourite Asian Snacks worth £30 for only £20!*

We ONLY have 10 of these Asian Snack boxes available with sweet treats from the East! A fan of Grape flavours or kawaii looking sweets that are too cute to eat? This treat would be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys being adventurous and trying new things!

The box contains:

  • Mini Pookie Chocolate x 2
  • Hi-Chew Sour Candy
  • Pocky Sticks
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Grape Bubble Gum
  • Mochi
  • Soda/Peach Ball Candy
  • Sakeru Gumi Peach Flavoured Gummy Belts
  • Mini Matcha Kit-Kat
  • Gudetama Chocolatae Egg Surprise
  • Line Friends Chocolate Lolly
  • Orange Jelly Candy
  • Tempo Reusable Box

*This box is already discounted and further discounts will not be applied to this product